Postgraduate Conference 2022

Call for participants now open

Outside/rs 2022 is a conference for postgraduate researchers, early career researchers and community parties, that provides a space to explore topics of sex, gender and queerness at the margins.

For those who exist in queer, marginal or dissident relations to normativity in its various guises, the ‘outside’ is a familiar place. To be locked out of or barred from spaces of privilege is a common experience for queer, trans or LGBTQIA+ people, as well as BIPOC communities, disabled and neurodiverse people, working class and colonised populations, and others still. That which creates and acts upon our difference(s) doesn’t just constitute the ‘inside’ and the boundaries or borders that comprise it, but also makes multiple subjective other-Outsides possible. Acquiring a relation to exclusion and communing ‘outside’ can be a source of power for many, who might ‘choose the margin’ (hooks, 1989). Accepting the terms of The Outside offers an escape: the chance to propagate new possibilities, whether a politics of ambivalence (Phillips and Watt, 2000) or disidentification, fugitivity and waywardness (Hartman, 2019), or a radical refusal of terrain that makes the Outside outside (Honig, 2021).

If you are a PhD researcher, or if you work, create or volunteer in the LGBTQIA+ community (including in intersection with other communities or issues), then we would love to hear from you! Outside/rs 2022 is a space to challenge the distance between the academy and the community, to make connections, and to learn from each other.

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