Call for Participants

Call for Participants: Outside/rs 2022 conference- making space at the queer intersections of sex and gender

Outside/rs 2022 is a postgraduate and community conference, scheduled for April 2nd and 3rd 2022 and hosted at the University of Brighton. The conference will be held online on the 3rd of April, and in-person on the 2nd April, though delegates will have the option of attending either day in-person or online.

Outside/rs aims to build a common understanding of the challenges in accounting for ‘outsider’ groups. We want to have conversations about what Outside/Inside means in relation to gender, sex, queerness and beyond.

We are bringing non-academic and academic groups together because we know that knowledge about marginalisation isn’t just academic, but also made through living, working, creating and negotiating unjust systems in our everyday lives too. We want to hold space for conversations between community and academic practitioners.

Outside/rs is a space to explore how marginalised groups negotiate a relation to exclusion and establish viable cultural possibilities on the margins, just as the monikers Insider and Outsider shape communities through a creation of difference. We ask: how do we enrich our lives given the challenges and violences we face today? And how can we work towards more creative and bright futures together?

Exclusions and inclusions make pervasive impacts on individual lives, whether they work through dynamics of gender, sex, sexuality, race, class, able-bodiedness or other metrics of difference. Thus, there is a pressing need to interrogate our relation to Outside(s) and to devise strategies to make space(s) for Outsider identities and experiences.

Outside/rs 2022 provides community members the opportunity to present their work or share their experience professionally, politically or personally. It also makes space for ‘outsider’ communities and forms of engagement. We hope to promote lively critical interactions between participants and will endeavour to create an environment where all are encouraged to engage in constructive examinations of our practices and modes of representation.